Our Product

Coupled with innovation and a straightforward, simple approach, Many Ethnicities ensures that everyone's hair is at its best with the Health + Hydrate + Cleanse + Fortify + Style regimen. Many Ethnicities products are designed to be safe, healthy, easy to use, and yet deliver optimal performance. Always manufactured to the highest standards in small batches.

Curly Hair

Our products are made for all kinds of curls, adding only what you need and nothing that you don’t to give you the best curly hair of your life. Made without any harsh chemicals, sulfate, or gluten, our product keeps your curls as natural and healthy as they can be.

Coarse Hair

Not only is Many Ethnicities designed for curls, but also for coarse, dense hair that most shampoos leave dry and irritated. Our product line tends to coarse hair by eliminating knotting and fraying, and keeps a bold, moisturized body to last throughout the day.

International Shipping

It is through Many Ethnicities products that Dr. Ena combines her love for helping and caring for people with her passion for finding solutions to the unique personal care challenges faced by millions of people each day. So, Many Ethnicities ships nationwide to make sure these revolutionary solutions are available to everyone who needs them.